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Monday 16th November 2020 – Charlie’s 30th Birthday Present

This event was very important to Charlie.

He very much wanted to celebrate his 30th birthday.

Freya at Mane Chance Sanctuary has been sponsored, initially for a year, in Charlie’s name.

Freya has a kissing spine, which caused her excruciating pain whenever anyone tried to ride her.

On the back of the portrait card here, it is written:

“Mane Chance rescues and rehabilitates horses in an environment of trust.

The horses then help people.

It is a circle of healing.”

Charlie would be so proud to be part of this animal-human exchange.

He was also fascinated by animal communication and hoped to be part of a similar project had he lived longer.

Charlie may have died, but his spirit lives on.

Charlie’s Garden wish Freya a long, happy and pain free life at Mane Chance Sanctuary.

Charlie's Beech Tree at Mane Chance Sanctuary

One of Charlie's Garden’s goals is to have a tree planted in his honour in a quiet and peaceful place near his home in Vienna. While our daily search continues for "the right spot", this beech tree, planted at Mane Chance Sanctuary by Charlie's Garden, brings Charlie's wish to Surrey.

Charlie’s beech tree will stand as a reminder to all to take care of our environment and enjoy its beauty.  As it grows, it will give valuable shade to the rescued horses as they graze the land and will benefit them for many years to come.

Once the coronavirus restrictions are over, we will let you know when Mane Chance is open again to the public. Not only to visit Charlie’s tree but to enjoy all the aspects that this beautiful sanctuary offers.

In the meantime take a virtual tour and enjoy their website. We highly recommend taking a pause at “Our Quiet Space”, day or night, summer or winter, it brings nature into your home wherever you may be.

Monday 13th April 2020


Vous êtes invités à notre après-midi rigolo par

La cie2492 et Charlie’s Garden


Dimanche 17 novembre 2019 à 16h, suivi par un verre d’amitié.

Chez Lucy Golder

Votre participation :

Les bénéfices du « chapeau » seront divisés en deux entre

Charlie’s Garden et la cie2492

Si vous avez envie d’amener une bouteille ou quelque chose à grignoter et à partager,

je ne vous empêche pas !

Les places sont limitées, les réservations sont obligatoires ! Je confirmerai vos réservations le 2 novembre 2019.

Contactez-nous !